D. Bălteanu, Dana Micu, D. Baroiu, Viorica Dima, Carmen Dragotă, Cătălina Mărculeţ, P Şerban:
Spells of snowstorm: January-February 2012. Genesis, manifestation and effects in Buzău County lowland.

J. Mika, Dorottya Göböly, Ilona Pajtók-Tari:
Present climate, GCM-Biases and expected changes along one zonal and one meridional belt, crossing in East-Central Europe.

V. Sorocovschi, G. Pandi, R. Bătinaş, Cs. Horvath:
Aries catchment upper and middle course small streams seasonal runoff regime characteristics.

O. Katerusha, T. Safranov:
 Assessment of bioclimatic resources in the coastal zone of Odessa region.

L. Apostol, D. Buruiană, D. Machidon:
Considerations concerning the spatial distribution of annual precipitation quantities in the hydrological basin of Jijia.

A. A. Sabziparvar, Z. Maryanaji, S. Movahedi, H. Asakereh, A. Masoudian:
Prediction of seasonal and annual precipitation by using geographical indices.

G. Romanescu, C. Purice:
The sector of fluvial limans in the southwest of Dobrudja – genesis, morphographic and morphometric features.

Florian Mandija, Floran Vila:
Determination of collection efficiency of atmospheric ions by the systems of parallel conductive plates.

G. Minea, V. Chendeş:
Some aspects regarding the maximum flow during the cold season in the upper part of the Buzău River Catchment

Carmen Dragotă, Ines Grigorescu, Mihaela Sima, Gh. Kucsicsa, S. Mihalache:
The vulnerability of the Baia Mare urban system (Romania) to extreme climate phenomena during the warm semester of the year.

F. Moldovan, R. Bătinaş:
Two winter synoptic situations with important differences of air temperature distribution in the Southwestern part of Romania.

D. Lóczy, J. Dezső:
Groundwater flooding hazard in hill regions: example of the Kapos River, SW-Hungary.

G. Pandi, Cs. Horváth, I. Irimuş:
Mureş River hydro-morphological clustering.

Wypych, D. Czekierda, A. Rösler, M. Chmal, T. Chmal:
Air humidity and evaporation conditions in Poland in relation to atmospheric circulation patterns.

Cristina Roşu, Ioana Piştea, Mihaela Călugăr, Ildiko Martonoş, A. Ozunu:
Assessment of ground water quality status by using water quality index (WQI) method in Tureni Village, Cluj County.

Liliana Zaharia:
L-moments and their use in maximum discharges’ analysis in Curvature Carpathians region.

Brînduşa Cristina Chiotoroiu, Maria Tomescu-Chivu, L. Sfîcă:
 Synoptic conditions associated with extreme weather events in the western part of the Black sea. A comparative study.

Ottilia Rusz:
Climatological characteristics of winter in Bucin Mountaintop (Gurghiu Mountains, Eastern Carpathians).

Gh. Şerban, Gh. Hognogi, Fl. Stoica:
The 05.06.2012 slope flood runoff in the lower basin of Ilişua river – causes, effects and future measures.

Katarzyna Piotrowicz, Dominika Ciaranek, Agnieszka Wypych, A. Razsi, J. Mika:
Local weather classifications for environmental applications.

J. Nagy, L. Márfai:
Set up of the new automatic hydrometeorological network in Hungary.

Erika Beilicci, R. Beilicci:
Aspects of optimization of water management systems.

F. St. Stoica, H. Selagea, M. Sârb, R. Dulău:
Flood study in the Dej area, using modern computing technology.

A. Ariapour, Moslem Hadidi, Masoumeh Khan Ahmadi, Khalil Jalili, Jalal Jalali, Zahrasadat Sayedzadeh, Seid Gholamreza Hosseini, Kolsoum Karami:
Site selection to hazardous waste landfill of Gilanegharb township in Kermanshah province, western Iran by using remote sensing and GIS

Ş. Dombay, Zs. Magyari-Sáska:
The evolution of curative tourism at Borsec.

D.-A. Chelaru, I. Minea:
Bistrița River channel changes in the subcarpathian sector, in the last two centuries.

Melinda Vigh, Z. Makfalvi:
The water quality from Saint Ana Lake.

T. Tudose, F. Moldovan:
The severe weather situations of 9-10 June 2012 in north-western Romania.

Emin Taş:
Integrated Water Resources Management

Simona Mariana Popescu, Elena Gavrilescu:
The impact of some air pollutants on the vegetation nearby the industrial platforms.

I. C. Moga, G. Petrescu, B.D. Năsărîmbă, A. Diaconu:
Researches related to the biological stage from wastewater treatment plants.

Loredana-Elena Havriş (Mic):
Synoptic conditions that triggered absolute minimum temperatures in the Prahova Corridor between 1961-2007.

A. Gökdeniz, Y. Dinç:
 Underwater sports which has been improving and whose enthusiasts have been growing rapidly in recent years is an important component of alternative tourism.

N. Ciangă, D. Costea:
The chlorosodium mineral waters in Alba County, lasting touristic protection and capitalization.

Mihaela-Neli Brâncuş, Carmen Mănescu, Doina-Cristina Burada:
The 2011 autumn in Southwestern of Romania – an atypical autumn

Veneta Ivanova Todorova:
Climate characteristics along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast from 1970 to 2009

L. A. Égerházi, A. Kovács, N. Kántor, J. Unger:
Examination of the simulated thermal conditions in a popular playground related to the human reactions and the judgment of the area design.

Z. Nouaceur, O. Murărescu, G. Murătoreanu:
Climatic changes in the Maghreb Region: the evolution of the pluviometric parameters in the Middle Atlas and at its margins (Morocco) and its relation to the North Atlantic Oscillation

Florentina-Mariana Toma:
The flood in Vedea River hydrogrpahic basin in July 2005

Camelia-Eliza Telteu, Florentina Iuliana Stan, O. Oprean:
Runoff characteristics in Dobrogea

Şchiopu Cosmin-Liviu:
 Fog - an aggravating weather phenomenon for flight safety.

M. Matei:
The influence of European climate variability mechanism on air temperature in Romania.

D. Ciaranek:
Weather and circulation types accompanying thermal and humidity conditions unfavourable to the human health in summer in Krakow (Poland).

A. Razsi, Zs. Molnar, A. Kovacs:
Weather sensitivity of kindergarten age children

Andrea Lengyel, Kinga-Olga Reti, Cristina Roşu, D. Manciula:
The impact of Cluj-Napoca municipal landfill on Zăpodie stream water quality.

Cornelia Diana Roman, Anca Elena Gurzău, Alexandru Zeic:
Risk associated with human exposure to trihalomethanes (thms) in the water distribution network of Cluj-Napoca.

N. C. Popescu, Nicoleta Ionac, A. Ştefan:
Environmental levels and distribution of carbon monoxide in Bucharest Urban Area – Case study: 1.07.2006 – 31.03.2007.

Dumitrela Lungu, M. Lungu, Liliana Panaitescu:
Evaluation of solar energy potential in Dobrudja

N. Rusan:
Peculiarities of the average amount of precipitations registered at the meteorological station Târgu Mureş, during 1961-2007

Nicoleta Daniela Goron:
The Particularities of precipitation within the upper river basin of Mureș.

Paula Furtună, I. H. Holobâcă:
The evolution of the annual mean temperatures and precipitation amount on changes forecasted by the regional climatic models.

Sanda Roșca, D. Petrea, I. Iacob:
Niraj River’s channel migration: a response to hydro-climatic variability.

N. Shahraki, B. Bakhtiari, M. M. Ahmadi:
Markov chain model for probability of dry, wet days and statistical analysis of daily rainfall in some climatic zone of Iran.

Lucica Niculae:
The action of environmental factors in the evolution of slopes of the Naruja basin.

M. Arjocu, Andreea Mihaela Arba:
The influence of the hydrotechnical works on the natural regime of water flow in the Tismana River Basin (1966-2011).

E. Lelovics, T. Gál, J. Unger:
 Mapping Local Climate Zones with a vector-based GIS method.

G. Dobrei:
Historical aspects of water management in the lower basin of Cerna, Cinciş - Sântuhalm sector.

Claudia-Thora Ionescu, Ana-Maria Corpade, D. Petrea:
 The role of SEA in integrating the environmental considerations into the planning of hydroenergetic plants.

Doruța Danciu-Ciurlău, Nicoleta Ionac:
 Weather costs. Case Study: Blizzards in Romania during the 2000 – 2012 periods

V. Măcicăşan, Gh. Roşian, O.-L. Muntean, R. Mihăiescu:
Correlations between surface-water characteristics and geological substratum in Aghireş mining area, Romania.

Rodica Mereţ:
 Rodbav baths resort (Braşov County) – Therapeuthic potential and its exploitation.

D. Dăscăliţa:
 Trends in the evolution of water requirements, their use and ensure by the facilities and hydrotechnic structures in Siret River Basin.

Izabela Amalia Mihalca, M. Alexe:
 The role of hydro mineral resources in the territorial development of the Land of Dorna.

I. Marinică, Andreea Floriana Marinică:
Draughty autumn of 2012, in the south-west of Romania.

Irina Onțel:
 Drought characterization elements in Calafat-Băileşti-Dăbuleni area (1971-2010).

Florina Cristina Roșca:
Climatic dysfunctionalities observed with the aid of NDMI and SAVI Indices in the Leu-Rotunda and Dăbuleni Plains.

Maria-Elisabeta Lovász, A. Zeic:
 Respiratory status related to pesticides exposure in a rural area of Transylvania.

M. Coman, B. Cioruța:
Environmental Information Systems (EISs) as a possible solution for strategic development of local and regional communities.

B. Cioruţa , I. Iusco, R. Pop:
Considerations regarding the Baia Mare area meteorological conditions in the last 5 years with help of Environmental Informatics.


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