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Hydrology-meteorology field of study — chances for life           

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The stability of the water column in french ponds (Limousin region) by the calculation of the wedderburn number

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On the paused warming controversy based on IPCC AR5 and beyond.    

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Water quality index for assessment of drinking water sources from Mediaş town, Sibiu county       

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Assessment of the floods potential in Jiu river catchment

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The impact of weather types on air pollution and health of the residents ofKrakow (Poland)

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Climate change in northern Africa : towards a return of rainfall on the Southern Mediterranean basin

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Mosses and lichens - bioindicators ofheavy metals pollution of forest ecosystems  

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Consideration on the climatic variability in Oltenia in the autumn of 2013           

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The peculiarities of seasonal flow regime on small rivers from the eastern Apuseni mountains    

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The assessment of hydromorphological status of Romanian rivers           7

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The degree of silting and the impact on alluvial deposits in the river beds of Bistriţa River basin 

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The analysis of moisture deficit based on Modis and Landsat satellite images. Case study: the Oltenia Plain         

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The application of some methods for computation the flows for protection of aquatic ecosystems downstream of reservoir

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Similarities and differences of the hydrological extremes on the Duna/Danube and Tisza/Tisa Rivers (1921-2012)

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Considerations of the fog regime in the airports area from Moldavia territory (Romania)

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Preliminary evaluation on the ratio between the surface and underground river supply in eastern Romania

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The sodium chloride mineral waters in Mureş county, lasting tourism protection and capitalization

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The flood waves analysis at Păşunea Mare gauging station on Taina river (Tur basin)

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Floods and drought - hydroclimatic risks in Suha river basin

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North Atlantic oscillation and rainfall variability on the Southern coast of the Mediterranean

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The September 2013 rain and flood events in the Flam ’s valley basin. Causes, characteristics and their impact upon the environment.

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 Implementation of some calculation methods of the evaporation in the catchments of Prut and Bârlad River s

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New daily temperature records in Oltenia. Pronounced thermal contrasts at the beginning of the summer 2013

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Indirect assessment of river-torrential erosion by measuring the eroded volum case study: the Reghiu stream 

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Thermal variations in October 2013 in north- western Romania

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Global aerological database from the last 40 years radio sounding

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Study regarding delineation of flood hazard zones in the hydrographic basin of the Someş River, border area

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 Determination of an urban temperature monitoring network using GIS methods

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A simple GIS method for obtaining flooded areas

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Monthly average flow in Negru River hydrographic basin

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Cumulonimbus clouds and related weather phenomena at Târgu-Mureş, Romania

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The confluence ratio of the Transylvanian Basin river s

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Variability of the thermal continentality index in central Europe

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Trends in liquid flow and sediment discharge on Sf. Gheorghe branch — Danube River

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High and very high avalanche risk during 2012-2013 winter season, in the mountain area covered by nivological program

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The maximum amounts of rainfall fallen in short periods of time in the hilly area of Cluj county - genesis, distribution and probability of occurrence

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Assessment of thermal sensation of residents in the Southern great plain, Hungary

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The first plan for water resources management of Someş-Tisa catchment ar ea

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Analysis of factors affecting wind-energy potential in low built-up urban environments

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Air pollution of forest ecosystem “Racovăţii de Sud”

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Influence of local and large scale hydrometeorological factors on interannual groundwater nitrate regime in rural settlement

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Water quality index - an instrument for water resources management.

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Testing the performance of different spatial interpolation techniques on mapping short data series of precipitation properties

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Research and valorisation history of mineral waters in Braşov county

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Urban tree crown projection area mapping with object based image analysis for urban ecosystem service indicator development

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Climate and weather influence over the tourist sector in the land of Dorna

Havriş Loredana-Elena:
Atmospheric pressure and its influence on tourists and tourism activities in the Prahova corridor

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The study of the greatest flash-flood on the Belcina River in a period of 25 years           

Braşoveanu V.:
Fluxes of inorganic nitrogen in open field and under the canopy of deciduous forests in Republic of Moldova

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Proposal for hydropower development of the Ruscova basin, Romania, in order to mitigate floods as well as water and electricity supplies to the afferent area

Danciu-Ciurlău Doruţa:
Climatological landmarks of the blizzard phenomenon in the Bărăgan Plain area

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Air and water- indispensable elements of curative tourism. Case study: Moineşti, Târgu Ocna, Slănic Moldova

Ignea F.S., Birou A.F.:
The tourist potential of the main hydrotechnical constructions from Timiş county

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