DOI: 10.24193/AWC2017_15


ABSTRACT. - Effects of the heat wave to the object security. The article investigates the optimal usage of the weather forecast reports supporting the man guarding and engineering services located in industrial sites. The science of Meteorology have developed many relationships within heat shock and their location. The heat – especially when it occurs quickly – affects the man guarding services, as their watchfulness sinks. Using professional weather services, the operation commander has the ability to act, so the team can keep up the high service level. Heat and cold affects highly the capability of the guards – especially with age increasing – it might end up accidental death at site. The article is a sample of applied research, as it investigates the follow-ups of the weather forecaster’s warnings. As soon as the heat shock is reported by using weather forecasting services, a number of actions should be pulled in, making sure to save the guards and the equipment around the factory. Some essential responses – like to keep more drinking water at site – is just the first step. All clothing and Environment Health and Safety (EHS) related equipment should be reviewed, also all operation commands should be optimized for the changed conditions. The heat affects the blood pressure, the veins and vigilance of the staff. Regular breaks in air conditioned areas should be organized. There is a special case if the guard is a senior person. Seniors are much more affected, so preventive operation orders should be set up when a man guarding contract is won. In most cases, the price is the first during contracts, so the technical content is underestimated to keep the price low. Basically, if the team size is optimized for a normal day operation, the operation team leader might not have enough staff on a very hot or cold day. This issue affects the object safety, as the primary recovery services will not be available in time.

Keywords: weather forecast, object security, man guarding services.