Laura Andreea LAZĂR, Ioana Alexandra CIUPE

DOI: 10.24193/AWC2017_55


ABSTRACT. The hydro-tourism potential of the Land of Beiuș. The Land of Beiuș is undoubtedly the most scenic area in Bihor County. Its natural landscape is complemented by a series of cultural objectives that over time has made the area become a tourist destination for the adventurous, or on the contrary, for those who are looking for an oasis of peace. The regionís hydrographic network represented by the river Crișul Negru, together with the mountainous scenery constitutes most of the tourism attraction. In this study, after a brief presentation of the geographic area, with an emphasis on the hydrographic aspects, we will focus on the research methodology utilized in the identification of the tourism potential generated by the rivers that cross the area. Then we will present the most important attractions of the region, and last but not least we will issue solutions to capitalize those resources and promote them on the tourism market. In the end, after we will get to know the area and itís tourism potential we will give forth some conclusions regarding the importance of discovering hydrographic resources and ways we can capitalize on them for the purpose of shaping a tourist destination.

Keywords: hydro-tourism, potential, rivers, resources, Land of Beiuș