Pandi G.: World Water Day – March 22, 2017

Moldovan F.: World Meteorological Day – March 23, 2017

I. Air and Water Environment Monitoring

1. Anita CONSTANTIN: Landsat Images Analysis of the Extension of Water Vegetation on the Brădeni Lakes in the Hârtibaciu River Basin

2. I. IORDACHE, L. APOSTOL, P. ICHIM: The Land Surface Temperature Distribution during August 7th, 2012 Using Modis Imagery in Iaşi Metropolitan Area

3. Iulia LUPU, Marinela MOLDOVEANU, Ruth  PERJU, Andreea C. GALIE: An Approach for Hydro-Morphological Monitoring of River Water Bodies

4. Gabriela-Adina MOROȘANU, Liliana ZAHARIA, PH. BELLEUDY, Gabriela-Ioana TOROIMAC: Methodology to Identify the Leading Factors of Rivers’ Electrical Conductivity. Case Study: Jiu Catchment (Romania)

5. L. NYITRAI, R. TÓTH: Findings on the Atmospheric Humidity Balance over Europe on the Basis of Aerological Measurements

6. G. PANDI, Melinda VIGH, Cs. HORVATH: Seasonal Flow Characteristics in the Apuseni Mountains

7. G. S.  TUDORACHE, Nicoleta IONAC, A.  DUMITRESCU, Ancuța MANEA: Analysing the Homogeneity of Air Temperature, Relative Air Humidity, Precipitation and Wind Data Series Using “Climatol” and Meteorological Metadata

8. Melinda VIGH: The Variation of Several Water Quality Indicators in Red Lake

II. Climatic and Hydrological Hazards 67

9. L. LAKATOS, S. MOLJÁK., R. NAGY: Analyses of Autumnal, Winter and Spring Frost Damage at the Wine Regions of Hungary

10. Z. MAGYARI-SÁSKA, Şt. DOMBAY: Changes in Europe’s Temperature Extreme Values

11. I. MARINICӐ, F. MOLDOVAN, Andreea MARINICӐ: Saharan Dust Transport over Romania

12. I. MINEA, L. SFÎCĂ: Assessment of Hydrological Drought in The North-Eastern Part of Romania. Case Study – Bahlui Catchment Area

13. A. PAŞOL, C. GRECU, U. RECKERTH: Winter Extreme Events – Romanian Carpathian Avalanches

14. D. A. PEPPER: Variation in El Niño Circulation Patterns and Winter Storm Impacts in Southern California

15. J. SZENDI: Effects of the Heat Wave to the Object Security.

16. Martina ZELEŇÁKOVÁ, Maria Manuela PORTELA, P. PURCZ, P. BLIŠŤAN, Helena HLAVATA: Hydrological Hazards Assessment and Management in Slovakia

17. Mojtaba ZOLJOODI, A. DIDEVARASL: The Study of the Tropical Cyclone Tracks Over the Western Indian Ocean Up to the Mokran Region and Oman Sea

III. Water Resource Management

18. Boglarka CZELLECZ, I. GÁBOR, N. SZOPOS, G. SCHIOPU, L. RAVASZ, L. GOMBOS: Mineral Waters from Upper Trotuș River Basin

19. Andreea-Mihaela DUNCA, Codruța BĂDĂLUȚĂ-MINDA: The Complex Hydrotechnic Structure in Banat Hydrographical Area

20. W. MARSZELEWSKI, S. BRÓZDA, M. MARSZELEWSKI: The Usefulness of Archival Cartographic Materials in the Legal Classification of Lakes in Poland

21. D. SABĂU, R. BĂTINAŞ, I. ROŞU, GH. ŞERBAN: Fresh Water Resources in the Natura 2000 Pricop-Huta Certeze and Tisa Superioară Protected Areas

22. Ileana TĂNASE, Cătălina PETRE: A Regionalization Method of Flow Duration Curve for Estimating Streamflow in Ungauged Catchments

IV. Climatic Changes and Their Impact

23. Anastasiia CHYHAREVA: Seasons’ Lengths and Dates of Temperature Transition under the Climate Change

24. Manasi DESAI, A. G. DHORDE: Changing Thermal Comfort over Southern India under Warming Environment: an Analysis of Heat Index.

25. Diana A. GIURGIU: Rainfall and Flow Variation in Câlnău’s Watershed

26. Yuliia HAVRYLIUK, Yuliia CHORNOMORETS: The Influence of Climate Changes on the Water Balance in the Western Bug River Basin – Kamianka Buzka

27. KOSIK I., MIKA J., RAZSI A., GAL L: Climate Signals in Wine Quality Time-Series of North-East Hungary

28. MIKA J.: Meteorological and Hydrological Changes Based on European Environment Agency (2017)

29. A.F. CIUPERTEA, A. PITICAR, V. DJURDJEVIC, Adina-Eliza CROITORU, Blanka BARTOK: Future Changes in Extreme Temperature Indices in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

30. A. RÁZSI, Boglárka TÓTH: A Playful Program to Rise Climate Change Awareness in the Primary School.

31. SZABÓ T., LAKATOS L.T., VASZILY B., LAKATOS, L.: Climate Change Effects on Apple and Sour Cherry Phenology in a Gene Bank Plantation of Hungary.

32. B. URIŢESCU, N. IONAC, G. GRIGORAŞ: The Influences of Land Use on the Urban Heat Island in Bucharest.

V. Pollution and Protection of Air and Water Environment

33. Adriana BĂBĂU, V. MICLE, I.M. SUR: Research on Underground Water Quality from Almașu Mare Area

34. Bianca BUZ, A. FEKETE, S. NACU: Zeolite Usage for Interventions in Accidental Pollutions by Mine Waters in Maramureş County

35. D. COCIORVA, Mihaela Andreea MITIU, Mariana MINCU, Natalia Simona RAISCHI: Emissions of Pollutants and Air Quality in the Area of Influence of High Voltage Overhead Electrical Lines

36. Dana Maria (OPREA) CONSTANTIN, Elena GRIGORE, Elena BOGAN, D. R. MANTA, R. ILEA: The Influence of the Synoptic Conditions in the Dispersion of the Air Pollution Indicator – the Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) in the Slatina Area.

37. A. DUMITRU GRIVEI, D.A. GIURGIU: Heavy Metals Content in PM10 Samples at Two Urban Romanian Sites.

38. Vilda GRYBAUSKIENĖ, Gitana VYCIENĖ, A. GRUBAS: Leachate Dynamics from Municipal Jerubaiciai Landfill: Management and Clarification.

39. P. KAPALO, C. BACOTIU, F. DOMNITA, Martina ZELENAKOVA: Renovation of a Building and its Impact on Air Pollution.

40. Valentina-Mariana MANOIU, A. BARSOIANU, Mădălina NEDA: Water Quality Changes in Ialomiţa River under the Influence of Human Settlements and Activities.

41. TRAN THI HONG NGOC, PHAN TRUONG KHANH, NGUYEN VAN TUAN, K. PHILLIPS: Modulation and Application of Chitosal to Adsorb Lead (Pb2+) In Wastewater.

42. Tererai NHOKODI, Thandiswa NQOWANA, C. S. DUBE, R. TANDLICH: Identification of Bacteria in Rainwater Samples from Makana Local Municipality in South Africa.

43. Z. NOUACEUR: The Particle Pollution in France in December 2016: Exceptional or Normal Situation?.

44. Thandiswa NQOWANA, C. S. DUBE, R. TANDLICH: Monitoring of Potable Water Quality in Makana Local Municipality, South Africa.

45. Mihaela OPREA, Elia G. DRAGOMIR, C. IANACHE, R. IANACHE: An Analysis Of PM2.5 Related Air Pollution in Ploieşti City.

46. Otilia RUSZ, M. STĂNCESCU, I. NAGY: Unusual Meteorological Phenomena at Târgu Mureş in the Last Years.

VI. Weather and Hydrological Forecast

47. A. SEDRATI, B.HOUHA, G. ROMANESCU, H.CHENAKER: Determination of the contamination level in groundwater of the Sebkha of El-mahmel NE Algeria

48. C. GRECU, A. PAŞOL, Narcisa MILIAN, U. RECKERTH: Synoptic Conditions Generating Important Snowfalls and Their Relation with Avalanches in 2015-2016 Winter.

49. Svitlana KRAKOVSKA, I. BUKSHA, A. SHVIDENKO: Climate Change Scenarios for an Assessment of Vulnerability of Forests in Ukraine in the 21st Century.

50. D.R. MANTA, A.A. TIŞCOVSCHI, Z. ŞIPOŞ, Raluca-Maria ŞTEFAN: Mediterranean Cyclone with an Atypical Trajectory: Characteristics and Outcome (12-14 November 2016).

51. Mihaiela STĂNCESCU, Narcisa MILIAN: Extreme Precipitation Events in the Mountain and Sub-Mountain Areas of the Făgăraş Mountains in June 10 to 11, 2011.

52. Y. ZHANG, K. WANG, C. JENA, K. DUAN, G. SUN, S. McNULTY , F. YAN, Z.-F. LU, D. STREETS: Impacts of Projected Climate Scenarios on Future Air Quality and Water-Carbon Cycle in the United States.

VII. Tourism Potential of Hydro-Climatic Resources

53. Ioana Alexandra CIUPE, Laura Andreea LAZĂR: The Impact of Tourism with Vacation Homes (Second Homes) on the Natural Environment at the Fântânele Reservoir - Apuseni Nature Park.

54. F. KOVÁCS: The Role of Salt Water and the Political-Economic Conditions on the Evolution of Sovata Resort (Romania).

55. Laura Andreea LAZĂR, Ioana Alexandra CIUPE: The Hydro-Tourism Potential of the Land of Beiuș.

56. Rodica MEREŢ, Liliana ZAHARIA, Florina GRECU: Characteristics and Use of Mineral Waters and Therapeutic Muds from Grid Village Area (Braşov County).


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