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How to cite: Bălăceanu, C., Suciu, G., Chevereșan, R., Dobrea, M., Iosif, A., Iosu, R. Marcu, I. (2019) Monitoring Solutions For Smart Agriculture. 2019 ”Air and Water – Components of the Environment” Conference Proceedings, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, p. 173-180, DOI: 10.24193/AWC2019_17.

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Cristina BĂLĂCEANU , George SUCIU, Romulus CHEVEREȘAN, Marius DOBREA, Andreea IOSIF, Raluca IOSU, Ioana MARCU

DOI: 10.24193/AWC2019_17

ABSTRACT. – Over time, due to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions, several climatic changes have taken place: temperatures have risen, precipitation patterns have changed, glaciers have melted, sea and ocean levels have increased. The contemporary population needs irrigation systems adapted to the current environmental conditions. The introduction of monitoring solutions for smart agriculture represents a new way for implementation of an information system that can provide data on irrigation during all year. The need for a monitoring system for agriculture is argued by the market's interest in having access to fully automated solutions for energy-efficient and cost-effective crops. The advantages of system architecture: very low energy consumption, low management costs, scalability, forecasting functions, diagnosis, enlargement facility lead to an essential technical impact and high potential for marketing. This paper aims to use a monitoring system that will bring benefit to smart agriculture, considering energy efficiency criteria and the latest technologies available on the market.


Keywords: agriculture, irrigation, monitoring system, IoT.

Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 License.