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How to cite: Huțanu, E., Urzică, A., Ghindăoanu, V.B. (2019) Water Parameters Physico-Chemical Variation in the Phreatic Aquifer of Băiceni Locality, Botosani County. 2019 ”Air and Water – Components of the Environment” Conference Proceedings, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, p. 207-216, DOI: 10.24193/AWC2019_21.

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Elena HUȚANU, Andrei URZICĂ, Vasile Bogdan GHINDĂOANU

DOI: 10.24193/AWC2019_21

ABSTRACT. – Most of the population in the Moldavian Plateau feeds with water from the groundwater, without being analyzed from a qualitative point of view. The present research aims to evaluate the physic-chemical parameters of the water in the Băiceni locality, Botosani County, in order to establish the water quality classes. For this present study, a series of field measurements were carried out during August 6-9, 2014, which determined the depth of the groundwater, the water column in the wells of Băiceni, as well as the physico-chemical parameters (temperature, pH, the dissolved oxygen and the amount of salts) of 52 fountains water samples. Measurements were performed using the Hach Lange Multiparameter. From a qualitative point of view, the water in Băiceni has a pH between 7.12 and 8.13. Dissolved oxygen varies depending on the depth and location of the well (in a flat or hill area). Dissolved oxygen in flat areas can also reach 0.52 mg/l in water and decrease with depth. In the hill areas, the dissolved oxygen has higher values, with maximum values of 7.83 mg/l. The total amount of salt varies depending on the type of soil. Higher values were registered in the wells on the slopes of Baiceni Hill (maximum value of 3620 mg/l). The lowest amount of salt was recorded in the northeastern part of the locality, with a value of 483 mg/l.


Keywords: pH, dissolved oxygen, water quality, groundwater.

Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 License.