2020 ”Air and Water – Components of the Environment”
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Gheorghe Șerban, Răzvan Bătinaș, Iulian Holobâcă,

Csaba Horváth, Traian Tudose, Adina Croitoru

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Răzvan BĂTINAȘ: World Water Day – March 22, 2020....................................IX

Traian TUDOSE: World Meteorological Day – March 23, 2020......................XI


I. Air and Water Environment Monitoring

1. Mustafa DEMIRCI, Fatih UNEȘ, Mevlut Sami AKOZ: Laboratory Investigation of Cross-Shore Sandbar Beginning and Ending Depths   1

2. Katarzyna KUBIAK-WÓJCICKA: Influence of Precipitation on Osa River Discharge in 1966-2015 Period   11

3. Ildiko Melinda MARTONOŞ, Andrei Tiberiu MATEI, Cristina ROȘU: Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality in Learning Environments from Cluj-Napoca (Romania  23

4. George SUCIU, Mihaela BĂLĂNESCU, Andrei BIRDICI, Oana ORZA, Adrian PASAT, Marius Alexandru DOBREA, Cristina Mihaela BĂLĂCEANU: Assessment of Particulate Matter Concentration in Underground Transport Work Environment   37

5. Traian TUDOSE, Florin MOLDOVAN: Is the Indian Summer Present in Romania?  47


II. Climatic and Hydrological Hazards

6. Bianca Otilia ADAM, Simion NACU: Flood Events in Bacău County During 2005-2019   59

7. Alexandra CHELU, Liliana ZAHARIA, Gabriela Ioana TOROIMAC: Temporal and Spatial Variability of Drought Based on SPEI Analysis in Southeastern Romania   71

8. Nicolae ILIE, Liviu APOSTOL, Aurel-Dănuț AXINTE: The Synoptic Conditions Associated to Hail Occurrence in Moldova   81

9. Sorin Ionel RÎNDAŞU-BEURAN, Bianca Otilia ADAM, Simion NACU, Răzvan OBREJA, Ioana Elena SĂLIŞTEAN, Costel Adrian SAFTA: Effects Produced by the Flash-Flood from June 1-2, 2019 in the Drainage Basin of the Pian, Rachita and Cioara Rivers (Mureș Drainage Basin)   93

10. Daniel SANISLAI, Răzvan BĂTINAŞ, Gheorghe ȘERBAN: The Biggest Floods of the 1979-2014 Period and Their Impact on the Population in the Lower Basin of Crasna River (North-West Romania)   105

11. Lucian SFÎCĂ, Diana HUSARIU, Pavel ICHIM, Andrei-Ion NITA: Air Temperature Stratification Near the Ground in Relation with Atmospheric Circulation Within the Siret Corridor   117


III. Water Resource Management

12. Daniel BOICU, Ionuț MINEA, Constantin RUSU, Ionuț JORA: Hydrogeological Droughts Evaluation in North Eastern Part of Romania   127

13. Iulia LUPU, Ruth PERJU, Marinela MOLDOVEANU: A Method to Collect Field Data for Hydromorphological Monitoring of Rivers in Romania   135

14. Florian MARTAN, Daniel UNGUREANU: Water Quality Control Using Intake Towers in Brădișor Reservoir, Romania   147

15. Dan-Mircea MIHALEA, Ruth PERJU, Iulia LUPU, Mihaela UNGUREANU, Anamaria Liana LĂZURAN (AXINTE): The Characteristics of the Maximum Flow in the Upper Basin of Crişul Negru River   157

16. Adriana M. MOLDOVAN, Cristian BRATANOVICI: Monitorisation of Medias Hydrotecnical System in Order to Optimise Requirements for Water Use   169

17. Daniel Andrei SABĂU, Ionel HAIDU, Gheorghe ŞERBAN: Key Types of Anthropic Influence on Surface Waters, Components of Spatial Decision Support System for Prevention and Management of Floods (Firiza Basin)   177

18. Fatih UNEŞ, Mustafa DEMİRCİ, Hakan VARÇİN: Estimation of Dam Reservoir Volume Using Neural Networks   191


IV. Climatic Changes and Their Impact

19. Vlad-Alexandru AMIHAESEI, Liviu APOSTOL, Alexandru DUMITRESCU: An Approaching on Estimating of Snow Depth and Snow Water Equivalent   201

20. Zsolt MAGYARI-SÁSKA, Ștefan DOMBAY: Seasons' Shifts in Some Depressions of the Eastern Carpathians, Based on Daily Temperature Analysis   213

21. Mladen MARADIN: Parallel Analysis of Monthly Precipitation Series and Drought Indices in Croatia (1951-2010)   223

22. Ottilia RUSZ: Climate Change and Viticulture in Târgu Mureș   235


V. Pollution and Protection of Air and Water Environment

23. Melinda VIGH, Csaba HORVÁTH, Gavril PANDI: Water Quality of the Țiganilor River Catchment in Cluj Napoca   247


VI. Weather and Hydrological Forecast

24. István KOCSIS, Ionel HAIDU, Narcis MAIER: Application of a Hydrological MIKE HYDRO River – UHM Model for Valea Rea River (Romania). Case Study, Flash Flood Event Occurred on August 1st, 2019   257

25. Narcis MAIER, A. MAIER: Study of Atmospheric Instability of June in the Period 2004-2019 in the North-Western Region of Romania   273

26. Narcisa MILIAN, Adela MITEA, Cristina BLAGA, Adrian PAȘOL, Ovidiu CÂMPEAN: Favorable Conditions for Avalanche Triggering During 2018-2019 Winter   283

27. Udo Dorian RECKERTH, Eugen Marian Nicolae MIHULEȚ, Gabriela Victoria HARPA, Narcisa MILIAN: Analysis of 2019 Convective Season in Transylvania   291