2022 ”Air and Water – Components of the Environment”
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Gheorghe Șerban, Traian Tudose, Răzvan Bătinaș,

Csaba Horváth,  Iulian Holobâcă, Adina Croitoru




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Răzvan BĂTINAŞ: World Water Day – March 22, 2022

Traian TUDOSE: World Meteorological Day – March 23, 2022

Călin Vasile NEAMȚU, Victor-Lucian CROITORU: For 130 years in the service of the community


              I.  Air and Water Environment Monitoring

1.  Eduard HANGANU, Oana ORZA, Sabina BOSOC, Cristina BĂLĂCEANU, George SUCIU: Water Quality Monitoring for Irrigation in Site Location Moara Domnească

II.  Climatic and Hydrological Hazards

2.  Claudiu CREȚU, Pavel ICHIM, Lucian SFÎ, Iuliana-Gabriela BREABĂN: Relationship Between Land Surface Temperature and Imperviousness Density in the Urban Area of Iasi

3.   Diana-Alexandra GIURGIU: Heatwaves in Romania - Frequency  and Duration

4.  Loredana-Elena HAVRIŞ: The Analysis of the Fog Phenomenon Frequency in the Urban Areas of the Romanian Plain

5. Yunus ZİYA KAYA, Fatih ÜNEŞ, Mustafa DEMİRCİ: Flood Modeling Based on  the  Precipitation  Data  by  Using  HEC-RAS  Software  Version  (5.0.7)

III.  Water Resource Management

6.   Robert Florin BEILICCI, Erika Beata Maria BEILICCI: Advance Hydraulic Calculation of Fish Ladders, Sebeșel River, Romania

7.  Maximilien BERNIER, Pascal BARTOUT, Laurent TOUCHART: Dynamic Limnology Between Actors and Managements

8.      Julien GAUTIER: When Geopolitical and Limnology Collide: New Representation of Lake Borders

9.    Karoly KONECSNY: Technical Plan for the Construction of a Water Reservoir on the River Tur Before the First World War and Establishment of a Hydrometric Network for Hydrological Studies

10.    Fatih ÜNEŞ, Bestami TAŞAR, Hakan VARÇİN, Ercan GEMİCİ: River Sediment Amounts Prediction with Regression and Support Vector Machine Methods

IV.  Climatic Changes and Their Impact

11.    Paul Marian GHERASIM, Mihai DIMA, Ioana AGAPIE (MEREUȚĂ): Studing LST and NDVI Values for Suhi Non-Suhi Occupied by Constructions and Buildings: a Case Study of Iași

12.    Zsolt MAGYARI-SÁSKA, Ștefan DOMBAY: Experimental Method to Assess the Looseness or Compactness in Climate Changing for Several Major Cities of Hungary

13.     Roxana ROȘCĂNEANU, Robert STRECHE, Filip OSIAC, Cristina BĂLĂCEANU, George SUCIU, Ana Maria DRĂGULINESCU, Ioana MARCU: Detection of Vineyard Diseases Using the Internet of Things Technology and Machine Learning Algorithms

14.    Bogdan URIȚESCU, Georgiana GRIGORAȘ: The Influence of Building Envelope on the Local Microclimate

V.  Pollution and protection of air and water environment

15.   Răzvan BĂTINAŞ, Melania CORLECIUC, Irina-Liliana IONIȚĂ, Bogdan George PITICARI, Simion NACU: Multi-Criterial Analysis of Environmental Accidental Pollution Events in Romania Between 2019-2021

16.   Erika BEILICCI,  Robert BEILICCIAdvanced Hydroinformatic Tools for Modelling of Associated Processes with Water Quality 


17.    Walquer HUACANI, Nelson P. MEZA, Darío D. SANCHEZ, Fernando HUANCA, Elmer E. CALIZAYA, Fredy G. CALIZAYA, Richar  HUANCA: Land Use MappinUsinMachinLearningApumac-Peru Region

18.   Ana Despina IONESCU, Angela CAŞĂRI, Roxana-Mădălina STOICA, Nicoleta ENE: Study for a Comparative Analysis of Seasonal Microbial Load in Some Natural Salted Waters from Romania

19.   Kamill Dániel KOVÁCS, Ionel HAIDU: Main Air Pollution Sources Correlated with the Tropospheric NO2 Concentration in Romania as Observed by the Tropospheric Monitoring        Instrument        (Sentinel-5P)

VI.  Weather and Hydrological Forecast

20.  Mustafa DEMIRCI, Bestami TASAR, Yunus Ziya KAYA, Hakan VARCİN, Ercan GEMİCİ: Estimation of Reference Evapotranspiration Using Support Vector Machines: a Case Study of Adana, Turkey

VII.  Potential of hydro - climatic resources

21.   Anca-Paula CIURBA (PASTOR), Ionel HAIDU, Ovidiu GACEU, Mihaela BIRIȘ (MATEI), Cosmin MEȘTER, Dorina IANC: The Thermal Water in Bihor County and its Benefits for Treating Arthritis. A Case Study: ile 1 Mai Resort