2023 ”Air and Water – Components of the Environment”
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Răzvan BĂTINAŞ: World Water Day – March 22, 2023

Traian TUDOSE: World Meteorological Day – March 23, 2022

I. Air and Water Environment Monitoring
1. Robert STRECHE, Oana ORZA, Sabina BOSOC, Filip OSIAC, Cristina BĂLĂCEANU, George SUCIU: Implementing Blockchain Technology in IoT Vineyard Monitoring System
2. Gheorghe ȘERBAN, Răzvan BĂTINAŞ, Daniel SABĂU, Estera HADA, Ana- Maria POP: Water Quality Assesment in Peatlands from North-Western Romania: Iaz and La Poduri Case Studies        

II. Climatic and Hydrological Hazards
3. Abdelmoumen BENCHATTOU, Mohamed EL GHACHI: Modelling of the Floods of Rivers for the Integrated Management of the Risk of Inundation: Case of the Basin Overturning of Toudgha (Southeast of Morocco)
4. Alexandru COROCĂESCU, Pavel ICHIM, Claudiu Ștefănel CREȚU, Alexandra DIOR, Lucian ȘERBAN, Vlad-Alexandru AMIHĂESEI, Lucian SFÎCĂ: Assessment of Climate Characteristics of an Urban Park Using Satellite Imagery and In-Situ Measurements. Study Case of Cancicov Park from Bacău City (Romania)
5. Narcisa MILIAN, Udo RECKERTH: Variations of Nivometeorological Parameters During 2021-2022 Winter
6. Dorian-Udo RECKERTH, Narcisa MILIAN: Favorable Conditions for the Release of Avalanches in the 2021- 2022 Winter Season – Case Study        

III. Water Resource Management
7. Robert Florin BEILICCI, Erika Beata Maria BEILICCI: Advance Hydraulic Modelling of Excavation Pit, Study Case ISHO Timisoara, Romania
8. Andrei-Bogdan DĂNILĂ, Cristina BĂLĂCEANU, Oana ORZA, Sabina BOSOC, Mădălin SILION, George SUCIU: Smart Electronic System for Monitoring Water Quality Parameters in Fish Tanks
9. Yunus Ziya KAYA, Mustafa DEMİRCİ, Hakan VARÇİN, Evren TURHAN: Monthly Trend Investıgatıon of the Dıscharge of a Stream in Cache County. Utah
10. Katarzyna KUBIAK-WÓJCICKA, Patrik NAGY, Martina ZELEŇÁKOVÁ: Flow Duration Curves (FDC) for Selected Mountain Catchments in Slovakia
11. Bestami TAŞAR, Fatih ÜNEŞ, Ercan GEMİCİ, Mustafa DEMİRCİ, Yunus Ziya KAYA: Numerical Modeling of Submerged Vane Flow
12. Hakan VARÇİN, Fatih ÜNEŞ, Ercan GEMİCİ, Bestami TAŞAR, Evren TURHAN: Numerical Analysis of the Flow Over the Dam Spillway
13. Melinda VIGH, Gavril PANDI: The Influence of the Hydro-Technical System on the Water Flow of the Sebeș River       

 IV. Climatic Changes and Their Impact
14. Igor LEŠČEŠEN, Biljana BASARIN, Dragoslav PAVIĆ, Minučer MESAROŠ: Extreme Precipitation Analysis in Novi Sad
15. János MIKA, Csaba KÁROSSY, László LAKATOS: Analysis of Frequency Trends in Amalgamated Peczely Macro-Synoptic Types (1971-2020) Characterising Continental-Scale Circulation Parallel to the Global Warming
16. Laura Elena PETRESCU: The Evolution of the Maximum Extreme Temperatures in the Area of the Romanian Black Sea Coast During 1961 – 2020        

V. Pollution and protection of air and water environment
17. Erika BEILICCI, Robert BEILICCI: Comparison of Different Methods of Modeling the Phenomena of Sediment Transport in Riverbeds
18. Christof LANZERSTORFER: Road Dust and House Dust: Nexus of Metal Concentrations
19. Răzvan BĂTINAŞ, Bogdan Gabriel PITICARI, Simion NACU: Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Accidental Water Pollution Events in Romania Between 2017-2022       

 VI. Potential of hydro - climatic resources
20. Anca - Paula CIURBA (PASTOR), Ionel HAIDU, Ovidiu GACEU, Cristina AUR: Therapeutic Valorisation of Thermal Waters from Rural Locations of Bihor County