PANDI G.: World Water Day March 22, 2018

MOLDOVAN F.: World Meteorological Day – March 23, 2018

I.     Air and Water Environment Monitoring

1.   I. BREZESTEAN, F. NEKVAPIL, S. CINTĂ PINZARU: Analysis of Hypersaline Waters from Cojocna Balneary Resorts (Romania) Using Raman Spectroscopy Techniques

2.   B. CZELLECZ, A. IONESCU, B. M. KIS, L. RAVASZ: Carbon Gas Flux from the Dealul Melcului Geological Resereve (Corund, Romania).

3.   P. KAPALO, C. BACOTIU, F. DOMNITA, M. ZELENAKOVA: Apartment House Thermal Rehabilitation Impact on Indoor Carbon Dioxide Releases.

4.   F. NEKVAPIL, S. TOMŠIĆ, S. CINTĂ PINZARU: Comparative Raman Spectroscopy Study of the Coelomic Fluid of Grazing Sea Urchins and Their Native Seawater: Prospect for A Potential Indicator of Environmental Aggression.

5.   G. PANDI, M. VIGH: Space-Time Evolution of the Average River Flow in Transylvania Depression

6.   G.-S. TUDORACHE: Selective Parametric Specificity of Cluj-Napoca Meteorological Station According to Annex 1b of WMO No. 8 Guide

II.  Climatic and Hydrological Hazards

7.    P. MACAROF, C.G. BARTIC (LAZĂR), S. GROZA, F. STĂTESCU: Identification of Drought Extent Using NVSWI and VHI in Iaşi County Area, Romania.

8.    R. MANTA, L. SFÎCĂ, A. TIȘCOVSCHI, D. CONSTANTIN, V. MĂNOIU, C. RADU: Late Snowfall and Blizzards in Moldavia. April 2017 Summary Case of Study.

9.    D. MICU, C.-S. DRAGOTĂ, L.-E. HAVRIŞ, C. MĂRCULEŢ, D. CIUPITU: Climatic Parameters of Seasonal Air and Ground Frost in the Romanian Plain Region.

10. A. MIHALCEA: Operational Systems Used in Hydrological Forecasting Activity. Case Study: the Upper Part of Tutova River Basin

11. Z. NOUACEUR, O. MURĂRESCU: Climate Change and Floods: Are We Heading Towards a New Climate Cycle in Sahelian West Africa?.

12. I. S.  RÎNDAŞU-BEURAN, R. D. BOGZIANU, S. NACU, A. C. MOLDOVAN, R. OBREJA, B. G. PITICAR: Ice Formations Monitoring and Intervention on the Rivers in Romania in January-February 2017.

13. D. SANISLAI, R. BĂTINAŞ, Gh. ȘERBAN: The Role of Climate and Hydrological Elements in the Production and Persistence of Excess Water in the Plain of Som

14. A.-V. TUDORACHE: The Impact of Excess Rainfall on the Maximum Flow Rate in the Upper and Middle Basin of Prahova River

15. M. ZELEŇÁKOVÁ, L. GOVÁ: Flood Damages Assessment Case Study.

III.    Water Resource Management

16. H. L. BANCIU: The Saline Organic-Rich Sediments: a Short Overview.

17. P. BARTOUT, L. TOUCHART: The Limnic Footprint Index.

18. M. DEMIRCI, F. UNES, Y.  Z.  KAYA,  B.  TASAR,  H.  VARCİN: Modeling of Dam Reservoir Volume Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Method.

19. N. HRISTOVA, I. PENKOV, K. SEYMENOV: Annual Streamflow of Major Catchment Areas in Bulgaria in the Beginning of XXI Century

20. A. OREN: Salt Lakes, Climate Change, and Human Impact: a Microbiologist's Perspective

21. C. SOFRONIE, I. FLOREA: Optimizing the Operation of a Reservoir with Complex Uses Case Study for Vârșolț Hydrotechnical System.

22. L. TOUCHART, P. BARTOUT: Is it Relevant to Introduce the New Concept of Limnosphere?

23. Y. Z. KAYA, F. ÜNEŞ, M. DEMIRCI, B. TAŞAR, H.  VARÇİN: Groundwater Level Prediction Using Artificial Neural Network and M5 Tree Models

IV.    Climatic Changes and Their Impact

24. F. SKIERLO, J. J. GÓMEZ-HERNÁNDEZ, K. MIEGEL: Seasonality of Meteorological Drought Parameters in Germany and Their Trends Due to Climate Change

25. L. ZAHARIA, R. PERJU, G. IOANA-TOROIMAC: Climate Changes and Effects on River Flow in The Romanian Carpathians.

V.   Pollution and Protection of Air and Water Environment

26. G. SUCIU, M. BĂLĂNESCU, A. PASAT, C. NĂDRAG, C. LĂCEANU, R. MATEI, V. SUCIU, A. VASILESCU: Design of a Decision Support System for Improving Air Quality Assessment

27. N. NIKOLOVA, N. MINTCHEVA: Evaluation of Ozone Concentration in Sofia, Bulgaria.

28. H. SAARONI, E. LEVI, B. ZIV: Natural and Anthropogenic Particulate Matter Haifa Metropolitan Area, Israel and its Relation to the Synoptic Conditions and the Summer Climatic Stress

VI.    Weather and Hydrological Forecast

29. P. ICHIM, L. SFÎCĂ, A. KADHIM-ABID, A. URSU, V.  JITARIU:Characteristics of Nocturnal Urban Heat Island of Iaşi During a Summer Heat Wave (1-6 of August 2017)

30. N. MILIAN, U. RECKERTH: High and Very High Avalanche Risk During 2016-2017 Winter Season.

VII.  Tourism Potential of Hydro-Climatic Resources

31. R. MEREŢ, L. ZAHARIA: Mineral Waters in Brașov County. Characteristics and Use.

VIII.  Synthesis and Reviews

32. G. PANDI, F. MOLDOVAN: „Air and Water Components of the Environment Conference at 10 Years of Existence

33. A. CIUREA, I.S. RÎNDAŞU-BEURAN, B. ION, A. BĂRBIERU, R.D. BOGZIANU: A Step Forward for Strengthening Cooperation Between River Basin Management Planning and Flood Risk Prevention and Among Countries-JOINTISZA Project-A Review


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