M. János ,
Global and regional climate change: new evidences between two IPCC reports

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Effective flood risk management in the Republic of Moldova: a strategic imperativ

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Integrative negotiation for sustainable water management

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Mapping wet time-scales in the curvature carpathians and subcarpathians (Romania) by the standardized precipitation index

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Monitoring the pollution of groundwater in the area of industrial waste

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The influenced flow regimes

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Considerations on the hail regime in Moldavia between the Siret and Prut rivers

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Contamination of surface and ground watersby runoff water from a cattle farm at falenty, Poland

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Economic and environmental aspects on energy alternatives for a clean air – wind farms

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Assessment of water demands in the rural settlements of the someşean plateau

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Sap flow response of cherry trees to weather condition

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Legal aspects regarding the cooperation under the agreement between the government of Romania and the government
of Hungarian Republic on the cooperation for the transboundary watercourses protection and sustainable use. Case study: Barcău river basin

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Characteristics of heavy rainfall parameters in the north-western Romania

Florina Bran, Ildiko Ioan, Cristina Popa,
Financial crisis, subsidies and climate change in the equation of sustainable development

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The hydrological risk in the Moldovita river basin and the necessary measures for the attenuation of high flood waves

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Water conditioning for food industry uses

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Satellite observations for education of climate change

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Considerations on the surface water quality condition in the Siret hydrographic basin

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The statistical analysis and the quantitative assessment of annual maximum flows recorded in the hydrographical basin of Timiş river

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Considerations on streamflow drought in Central Romanian plain

Gabriela Elena Dumitran, Liana Ioana Vută,
The eutrophication phenomenon in Goleşti lake – Romania

Ildiko Ioan, Carmen Valentina Rădulescu,
Integrated mechanisms for aproaching priority environmental issues at global level

Mihaela Dumitran,
Surface water quality in the river Prut

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Estimating the tendency and the variability of the rainfall amount in Ialomita river basin and their influence upon the liquid run-off

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The chlorosodium mineral waters in Cluj county, lasting touristic protection and capitalization

Alina-Daciana Dumitra,
The negative effects associated to hydrological phenomena of risk in the Almaş-Agrij depression and Cluj and Dej hills.
Social and economic effects

I. Pricop, F. Stătescu,
Risk factors influencing soils cultivation in area Răducăneni, Iaşi

V. Rusu, Larisa Postolachi,
Monitoring of phosphorus content in “water-particulate materials-bottom sediments system” for river Prut

Ines Grigorescu, Carmen-Sofia Dragotă,
Some issues related to dryness and drought phenomena in the Bucharest metropolitan area

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Aspects concerning nitrate and nitrite pollution of groundwaters

Maria-Elisabeta Lovász, Irina Dumitraşcu, O. T. Popa, Anca Elena Gurzău,
 Determination of organochlorine pesticides in drinking waters sampled from Cluj and Hunedoara counties

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Hydrometeorolgical analisis of Dojran lake

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Radar climatology of hail in the Apuseni Mountains

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Some aspects regarding chlorine decay in water distribution networks

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The evaluation of the hydrological risks associated with the maximum discharge
in the upper water catchment of the river Bârlad

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Identification and risk assessment of central water supply systems – case study

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Deposition of sulphur and nitrogen via rainwater (case study – the administrative territory of the Hincesti district)

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Spatial variation of stream power in the Buzău and Ialomiţa river catchments (Romania)

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Considerations on the evolution of the Șomuzu Mare river water quality in the Dolheşti monitoring section

Carmen Valentina Rădulescu, Florina Bran, Cristina Popa,
Climate change – between costs and benefits

A. Mihu-Pintilie, Gh. Romanescu,
Morphometric and morphological suitability of the relief from the Crucii lake basin (Stânişoarei Mountains)

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Flow regimes spatial variability

Reti Kinga-Olga, I. D. Manciula,
Factors influencing the degree of pollution with chromium of Târnava Mică river in Târnăveni city

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The dynamic of using the rivers energy from Republic of Moldova territory

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Considerations on the drought phenomenon in Cluj county

Cristina Burada, Adriana Bacescu, Carmen Manescu,
Variability of the precipitations regime for the first decade of XXIst century in southwestern Romania

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Issues regarding the flood impact on the herpetofauna habitats from riparian areas from Barcău basin

Adina Sanda Șerban,
Surface water pollution with heavy metals in the lower catchment of Jiu river basin, according to the water framework directive (2000/60/ec)

Cornelia Diana Hertia, Anca Elena Gurzau, Maria Ilona Szasz,
Technological process assessment of the drinking water treatment at Targu-Mures water treatment plant

Marcela-Corina Roşu, Ramona-Crina Suciu, Simina Dreve, T. D. Silipaş,
I. Bratu and E. Indrea, Nanostructured TiO2 sensitized with porphyrins for solar water-splitting

C. E. (Telteu) Păsculescu,
Consideration regarding the mean runoff of the main rivers from the south Dobrogea

Olivia Anca Rusu, Cristina Neagu, Irina Dumitrascu, Iulia Neamtiu, Alexandru Zeic and Eugen Gurzau,
Assessment of human exposure to toluene diisocyanate

V. Paraschiv,
The wind influence on the forest landscape in the upper basin of Mureş river

Gavriletea Marius Dan, Petrescu Dacinia Crina,
The climatic changes influence on Romanian agriculture sector

Irina Blaga,
Risk weather phenomena in Cluj county in june 2010

Natalia Urban,
Study of the synoptic situation that favor the freezing rain in northwestern Transylvania

T. M. Cornea, M. Dima, D. Roca,
Climate change impacts on water resources

M. Alexe, Izabela Amalia Mihalca,
The importance of technical infrastructure in territory. Case study: drinking water supply in Dângău Mare, Cluj county

I. C. Nicu, Gh. Romanescu,
Determination of the ground-water level by modern non-distructive methods (GPR technology)

Cociorhan Camelia Simona, Micle Valer,
Studies and research on pollution of environmental factors in the area SC Romplumb Baia Mare from anthropogenical activity

Ion Marinică, Iulia Lup, Andreea Floriana Marinică,
Climatic features of the autumn 2010 in Oltenia

G. Hognogi, G. Nicula, Gabriela Cocean,
Flash floods in the Ilişua basin

D. Timofti, C. Doltu, M. Trofin,
Eutrophication phenomena in reservoirs

V. Tiplea, S. Todică, Ioana Simea, T. Anghel, Ionela Georgiana Gavrilă,
Using GIS to identify potential areas susceptible to flood. Case study: Soloneţ river

I. C. Stângă,
Use of logarithmic function for drought severity assessment

Adriana Muntean, Mirela Coman,
The nitrogen regime of the Sasar river, in Baia Mare section, the period 2000-2010

Toma Florentina-Mariana, Barbu Ion,
Issues concerning occurrence of floods on the Vedea river

Rodica Mereț,
Considerations on the mineral waters from county of Brasov, spa and recovery

M. Ştefan, G. Romanescu,
Problems of sea-going navigation in Kerci strait

S. A. Alexandrescu, F. Tămășanu,
Complex use of resources in the regional water supply systems

A. Ungurașu, A. Ungureanu,
Aspects regarding the methods of soil aeration

I. L. Melenti, E. Magyar, T. Rusu,
Heavy metal analysis in waste water samples from Valea Șesei tailing pond

E. Radu, M. Radescu, C. Radu, A. Pandele, M. Minciuna,
Geological and Hydrogeological considerations on the phreatic aquifer of the Tarnava Mica river flood plain and terraces

Roşca Sanda,
The flash floods analysis, representative for Niraj river between 1970-2008

C. Nucuţă, C. Timiş, C. Buţiu, O. Scridonesi,
Assessment of tornados with the enhanced Fujita scale in Romania

O. Scridonesi, C. Buţiu, C. Nucuţă, S. Leahu,
Romanian terminology in the meteorology of severe weather – case study of the supercell from Arad country on the 14th of June 2010


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